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NYE Party Photography Tips

Photographing a New Year's Eve party or a typical holiday party has a lot of similarities with nightclub photography. One of the main differences between a New Year's Eve party and a nightclub is that the guests are going to be dressed better. Women are going to be wearing elegant dresses and the gentlemen are going to look sharper and dapper in their suits.The techniques used for shooting nightclub photography would still apply to NYE parties.Pay attention to the light. Afterall, photography means "painting with light." Awesome light can make or break the picture. Drag the shutter and use 2nd/rear curtain sync on your flash to help you paint with light.Bounce the flash off the ceiling or wall at various angles when shooting with the flash on the camera. If you have the necessary equipment, shoot with the flash off the camera to give you dramatic results.Experiment with angles. Try shooting men from a lower angle to give them that superhero/James Bond kind of vibe in…