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Nightclub Photography Cheat Sheet: camera equipment for nightclub photography

Camera Equipment for Nightclub PhotographyDigital SLRZoom LensExternal FlashMemory CardsExtra batteries for the camera and flashRemember that good photography doesn't necessarily depend on the best and most expensive camera equipment, but the photographer behind the camera. Better equipment helps get great results easier when it's in the right hands.Digital SLRA high end point and shoot even the ones that have a hot shoe to attach a flash unit is not adequate for nightclub photography. You need to have at least an entry level digital SLR. Digital SLRs can focus faster and shoot faster with the press of the shutter button. If you have to choose between getting a better DSLR camera body or a better lens, get the entry level DSLR and buy a better lens. Entry level DSLRs are quite affordable and packed with features these days. Check out my free nightclub photography course to learn more about the different camera bodies and find out which one suits your needs.Zoom LensUse a zoom …

Canon mirrorless cameras for nightclub photography

I'm going to be discussing the different levels of Canon mirrorless cameras in this post: entry-level, mid-range, and high-end. Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) are becoming more mainstream with more people now switching over. One of the main selling points and advantage for switching to MILC is that they're lighter and smaller. How would they perform for nightclub photography?Entry-Level: Canon EOS M100 or Canon EOS M200The Canon EOS M100 is an entry-level mirrorless camera that does not have a large rubber grip, multiple control dials, or a hot shoe. The EOS M100 has a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor and features the DIGIC 7 image processor.The Canon EOS M200 is the replacement for the Canon EOS M100. It's slightly better and features the DIGIC 8 image processor.Because both of these mirrorless cameras don't have a hot shoe flash, they would not perform well in nightclub photography. The built in flash is not good enough to produce the desired image. The auto focus…

Nightclub and Nightlife Photography Inspiration

Happy new year!I figured that the best way to start of the new year is to showcase some of the nightclub and nightlife photographers who do amazing work.Check out these amazing nightclub and nightlife photographers listed below and prepare to get inspired!Anton KlinkDaria Nagovitz - Los Angeles Nightlife PhotographerDrew ResslerLee TickettMarc de GrootFlickr GroupPlease check out my free nightclub photography course if you'd like to learn how to achieve similar results. Get your learn on!