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Nightclub Photography in the Time of the Coronavirus

SXSW was canceled. March Madness and other sporting events have been canceled. Schools are closing for a couple of weeks. Restrictions and bans have been placed on travel. Nightclubs and bars are also closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They're all being closed during this time to prevent lots of people from congregating into enclosed spaces where the coronavirus could be potentially passed on to many people especially since infected people may not necessarily be showing symptoms. People are now sheltering in place.What can nightclub photographers do if they can't make pictures at nightclubs due to the closure? Nightclub photographers have to adapt and use their photography skills doing other types of photography. We have to do photography that does not involve people and photography that can be done at home while we're all sheltering in place.One type of photography that could be done in the comfort of your own home and does not involve photographing people would be p…

Learning the Basics of Photography

The primary reason why I made the ultimate nightclub and nightlife photography website is to consolidate all the useful information when it comes to nightclub photography tips, tricks, techniques, and how to's into one place. It's the most comprehensive free guide on the internet on how make your nightclub and nightlife photos look amazing!I'm a self-taught photographer and much of what I learned came from browsing through a lot of websites. I thought that I'd share some of the links I found useful in learning the basics of photography since I don't really cover them on my website.Creative LivePhotography Tips Techniques and TutorialsPhotography Composition ArticlesPhoto.Net - Learn About Photography