The Ultimate Course for Nightclub Photography

nightclub photography course

My Journey as a Nightclub Photographer

I started my journey as a nightclub photographer when I was able to book my first gig through a Craig's List ad. I've photographed events and portraits, but I didn't really know what adventures awaited me in the nightlife scene. I found out that I had much to learn on how to capture light in dark environments. It was a challenge I eagerly accepted. The techniques I learned helped me grow as a photographer and I'm able to apply these skills in other types of photography.

Nightclub and Nightlife Photography Course

When I was starting out as a nightclub photographer, I scoured the web looking for nightclub photography tips that I could use and I noticed two interesting things.

The first thing I noticed was the web has a lot of good and bad information out there regarding nightclub photography techniques. The second thing I noticed was that there isn't a single website that contained all the good and useful nightclub photography tips and techniques in one place. The good info that nightclub photographers could actually use were scattered all over the web.

This where I come in. I've consolidated everything that I have learned and created The Ultimate Nightclub and Nightlife Photography Course. This is a self paced course on how to become a great nightclub photographer.

A great nightclub photographer is someone who...

  • knows how to capture the excitement of the nightlife and the adventures in the party scene!
  • enables the viewer to share the party experience through photos.
  • can paint with light even in dimly light nightclubs to make the subjects look great.

The course is broken down into three sections. You'll have many things to consider, learn, and accomplish in these lessons. After completing the lessons in this course, you're going to be on your way to becoming a great nightclub and nightlife photographer. Party on! See you in the clubs.

Camera Gear

Settings and Shooting Techniques

Becoming a Nightclub Photographer