About the Ultimate Nightclub Photographer

nightclub photographer

I tell a story with my photos, capturing the excitement of the party scene in a way that allows someone looking at the photo to share the experience. I'm redefining nightclub photography by making some of the best nightclub and nightlife photos!

I'm a self taught photographer so my eye for photography has been influenced by many people whose work are posted on the web. I used to go to many different online forums and blogs just to look at photos. I took what I liked and found useful and discarded the rest. I learned the basics, kept it simple, and eventually developed my own style.

My shooting style for nightclub photography has changed a lot from when I first started to how it is now. When I first got started, I pretty much stayed within a certain range for the shutter speed which I was familiar and comfortable with from doing event photography. After getting more experience and learning more about how light works in a nightclub setting, I now like to play around with light through various exposure settings and through shooting with the flash off the camera.

What I like about nightclub photography is that I get a chance to capture the excitement of the nightlife and the adventures in the party scene! My photos show the guests having a great time and they enable the viewer to share that experience.

I want to help you do the same!